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Breathe the change you want to feel.

It's no secret that movement and nutrition are key elements to any comprehensive wellness program, but did you know that the way you breathe impacts every system and function in your body? Establishing functional breathing patterns is just as important to your overall mental, physical and emotional health as moving often or eating well. Breathwork is a reliable, effective, accessible way to adjust your internal state within minutes! 

Change your breath, change your life. 

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Move well. Breathe well. Be well.

The Breath Movement is focused on optimal health and wellness - in body, mind and spirit - and we believe that it all begins with the breath. Breathing is an essential function of life - in fact, it is the very essence of life. And since we take over 25,000 breaths each day, it makes sense that we should learn how to best utilize one of the few functions we do every single moment of our lives. 

"Breathwork" is simply breathing practiced with intention. When we breathe in specific ways, we can dynamically engage with our autonomic nervous system and use it as a catalyst for change. Within minutes, we can cultivate energy, or find calm; we can get grounded, or prepare the body for rest. We can use breathwork to reduce stress and anxiety or to optimize athletic performance. These benefits and many more can be experienced quickly and over longer periods of time with regular, consistent practice. Ultimately, breathwork is a direct access point between the mind, body and emotions. 

We believe in living a life free of judgement, filled with purpose, intention and gratitude. These elements inform and guide our teaching and practice, which is focused on helping students better connect to themselves, improve and maintain body and brain health, and self-modulate the autonomic nervous system through mindful, restorative movement and functional breathing. 

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Where passion meets purpose.

Nicole Kodjoe is a Holistic Health Coach. She is a triple certified breathwork instructor, yoga teacher and master life coach. She is also trained in EFT/TFT tapping therapy and NSDR/yoga nidra meditation. Nicole is a co-founder of the family health & wellness app, KOFIT.  With over 20 years of experience and a growing body of scientific research supporting her practice, Nicole’s offerings are exploding in demand.

A large part of her work focuses on contracting with psychiatrists and therapists to teach patients how to self-regulate, manage their stress-response, as well as to improve performance, focus and sleep. She offers in-person and virtual sessions for: 1:1 breath coaching; group breathwork workshops; and group yoga asana classes. She is an international public speaker available for wellness retreats, team coaching and corporate events.

Nicole uses a holistic approach to teach students how to connect to their bodies and emotions using the mindful movement and the power of the breath. She teaches breathwork as an easily accessible, always available self-care tool that can be quickly called upon to find calm, balance, focus and presence of mind. 

Breathwork is a uniquely powerful and largely untapped life skill that can be practiced for the rest of your life. 

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I’d love to hear your feedback. Give me a call or reach out today.

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I had never heard of Breathwork,  but I figured I'll give it a try.  The passion and warmth in Nicole's voice were inviting and difficult to say no to. However, with the sun barely crossing the horizon, the warmth of my bed, and my neck and back riddled with pain not showing up to her early morning beach session seemed more of an option. I pressed through and was so glad I did.  The simple, yet methodical breathing not only relaxed me but released the pain in various spaces in my body. I was AMAZED! Here I was thinking, let me just go along to get along and I received so much more. I departed the session with a renewed appreciation, for the God-given gift of breathing, a smile, and a sense of gratitude. I highly recommend the practice of BREATHWORK to ALL regardless of age.

Dr. Veronie "Vee" Lawrence



Breathe well + Be well

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