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Testimonials: Testimonials

I had never heard of Breathwork, but I figured I'll give it a try.  The passion and warmth in Nicole's voice were inviting and difficult to say no to. However, with the sun barely crossing the horizon, the warmth of my bed,  and my neck and back riddled with pain not showing up to her early morning beach session seemed more of an option.  I pressed through and was so glad I did.  The simple, yet methodical breathing not only relaxed me but released the pain in various spaces in my body.  I was AMAZED! Here I was thinking,  let me just go along to get along and I received so much more.  I departed the session with a renewed appreciation, for the God-given gift of breathing,  a smile, and a sense of gratitude. I highly recommend the practice of BREATHWORK to ALL regardless of age.  

Breathwork = breath well, live well!

Dr. Veronie "Vee" Lawrence

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